Periodic Examination (PD)

The best way to maintain good oral hygiene is to brush and floss your teeth and to visit us for regular screening. A periodic dental examination will consist of a thorough check-up of the teeth, the gums and other oral tissues in the mouth. It is generally recommended that you visit Dr. Kanowitz twice a year. However, if you have a specific dental condition that requires special care, you may need to visit more often.

A Periodic Dental Examination Consists of:

  • A complete check-up of the teeth, gums and other tissues
  • Check early signs of decay or breakages
  • Examination of teeth and existing fillings
  • Assess jaw joint
  • X-Rays might be taken to check for hidden infections
  • Checking for early symptoms of oral cancer
  • Discussion about our oral practices and hygiene
  • Creation of a dental treatment plan

If there are any problems, a report will be given and the diagnosis will be discussed with you. Based on this, a treatment plan will be prepared outlining the work to be performed and costing. Oral hygiene tips and instructions will also be provided.

Regular dental appointments are part of your long term requirements for continued health and wellbeing. Dr. Kanowitz provides a comprehensive dental examination for you. We will be transparent about what we are doing and let you know what the problem is and viable solutions.

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