Sports Mouthguards (PD)

Sports mouthguards are the most efficient protective pieces of equipment to help prevent injury to the mouth.  It helps athletes to shield their teeth lips, cheeks, and tongue. Mouthguards can also cushion blows and prevent damage to the jaw, neck or brain.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is the plastic material used for making sports mouthguards. EVA is durable and tough and can be easily moulded to fit precisely over your teeth and gums.

Benefits of Sports Mouthguards

Millions of teeth avulsion cases are found every year, due to sports injuries and trauma. Sports mouthguards can prevent them from happening. Some of the primary benefits of sports mouthguards are:

  • Mouth guards act as a cushion to redistribute the force of impact to prevent tooth fractures and dislocation.
  • They provide a barrier between your teeth so they are protected from contact with each other.
  • Mouthguards prevent cuts and bruising during impact.
  • Mouth guards protect against damage to braces. A blow to the mouth can damage the brackets and wires of braces, and can cause added damage (cuts and tears) to the soft tissue inside your mouth.
  • Sports mouthguards can prevent neck injuries.
  • Lower the risk of concussion by acting as shock absorbers between the upper and lower jaws.
  • Mouthguards help athletes feel more comfortable and protected. Research shows that athletes are more confident when they have mouthguards during a competition.

The Procedure

A custom made mouthguard is far superior to any over the counter option.

The process simply involves taking an impression of your teeth and moulding the mouth guard material around the dental model to ensure a close and comfortable fit.

Your mouthguard needs to be inspected at every dental check-up. Dr Kanowitz will check the fit and for the wear and tear to determine whether a replacement is required.

“There is always a risk for any surgical or invasive procedure.  Hence, before proceeding, we recommend you to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

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