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Easy and perfect fit using the most advanced technology

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Test and know how your individual smile will look and feel like

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Veneers does not require any kind of surgery and is easily applied

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We will colour match your other teeth to provide you with a natural look

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Complete transparency as we believe in open communication and long-term relationships with our patients,  based on mutual trust and respect. We will tell you everything you need.


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You’re not a patient , but a member of our dental family. Treated with respect and compassion we listen to your concerns and work with you to find the care solutions that’s best for you.


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We are a family friendly dentist that can take care of your entire families dental health. And it shows with our Google rating! We want to make sure you feel well looked after throughout the whole process.


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Latest Technology

We are dedicated to employing the latest technology. We utilize intraoral cameras, Wand Computerized Injections, laser cavity detection, digital photography and digital X-rays.


All About Your Smile

Smile Now, Pay Later

We offer multiple payment options to choose from- 60% of our patients take advantage of these benefits. Plus, we will help you to set up the payment plan and is thoroughly explained during the consultation.

Our Work

Dr Kanowitz can help you feeling confident and smiling again with the help of veneers

Dental Veneers are an ideal cosmetic solution to transform the shape and colour of your smile. It is a tooth-coloured, thin-layered material, often made from porcelain or resin-composite, which is placed over your natural tooth to mask the underlying enamel.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Veneers can be used aesthetically to enhance a wide variety of dental issues; which includes fixing gaps, misaligned, chipped, cracked, stained or discoloured teeth.  Porcelain Veneers provide:


  • Instant improvement
  • Look & feel natural
  • Stain resistant
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Minimally invasive
  • Easy to maintain

An improved smile can help you feel more confident about your appearance, ultimately giving you a better quality of life.

The Procedure

At Dr Kanowitz we ensure that your visit for Dental Veneers is a relaxed and pleasant experience. The procedure is simple that only requires a few visits. The process involves the following stages:

  1. Consultation & Treatment Plan

A consultation appointment is arranged for diagnosis and to discuss all your concerns. Dr Kanowitz will take intraoral photographs, dental x-rays, and perform a complete examination to determine if you are a suitable candidate for veneers. The treatment plan will then be clearly discussed and outlined.

  1. Preparation

During this appointment Dr Kanowitz removes a small part of the enamel from the front of the tooth to prepare for the veneers. An impression or mould of your teeth is taken and sent to the lab. Each veneer is handcrafted individually by our dental technician. This usually takes about one to two weeks, to ensure that each veneer creates a healthy, natural look that fits your appearance.


  1. Placement

At your next dental visit, Dr Kanowitz checks the fit & colour of veneers. The tooth (or teeth) will be cleaned, polished & etched. The surface is roughened to allow for a strong bonding process. Once adjusted, the veneer is permanently attached with a special cement, and an ultraviolet light is used to harden it quickly. Any excess cement is cleaned off. 


  • To help extend the life of your veneers and their appearance, it is important that you maintain good oral habits.


    • Brush and floss regularly.
    • Regular dental visits
    • Avoid stain-inducing foods and beverages, like coffee & red wine
    • Avoid teeth grinding

How To Look After Your Veneers?

Visit your dentist every six months and follow your regular oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing. You can expect veneers to last for five to ten years before you need to replace them.

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