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Snap on Smile

Snap-On Smile is one of the easiest, painless and cost-effective ways to get a beautiful smile.    

This procedure was invented by a dentist who understood the need for a Hollywood smile makeover for those who could not afford to spend thousands of dollars on it. After years of extensive research, these unique, completely reversible and removable arches have been developed to give you a perfect smile. Snap-On Smile is by using a hi-tech dental resin formula that gives natural-looking teeth that are thin yet strong. It can be fitted perfectly over your teeth to provide a natural-looking smile.

What Sets us Apart to other Practices

Family Friendly  Practice

You’re not a patient , but a member of our dental family. Treated with respect and compassion we listen to your concerns and work with you to find the care solutions that’s best for you

7 Star Service

Complete transparency- We believe in open communication and long-term relationships with our patients,  based on mutual trust and respect. We will tell you everything you need

Accredited Practice

  • Member of the ADA and ACAS.
  • Dr Kanowitz is highly experienced – practicing for 30 years
  • Ethical treatment recommendations – providing preventative care

Latest Technology

We are dedicated to employing the latest technology. We utilize intraoral cameras, Wand Computerized Injections, laser cavity detection, digital photography and digital X-rays.

Complimentary Parking

Unlike some dental practices which have offices strewn over several suburbs we have one prime location in Hornsby.

Interest Free Payment Plans

  • Multiple payment to choose from
  • 70% of our patients decide to take advantage of this.

Who Can Use It?

Snap-On Smile can be used temporarily or long-term. It is a cosmetic solution for both upper and lower teeth. The Snap-on Smile can be used by anyone who has:

  • Stains
  • Chips
  • Gaps
  • Missing teeth
  • Removable partial dentures and looking for a beautiful, more comfortable alternative.

The Procedure

The process of fitting your Snap on Smile only requires two appointments.

  • Impressions and measurements are taken of your teeth to customise the design of Snap on Smile. You will also select the style and shade of your new smile.
  • Return after 3 weeks for a final fitting, and Snap-on Smile is ready for you to take home.

The procedure does not require any drilling, change to the tooth structure or anaesthesia.

To know more about this affordable, non-invasive and less time-consuming way to get that perfect smile, contact us now on 9477 6408 and book your consultation.

Before & After

“There is always a risk for any surgical or invasive procedure.  Hence, before proceeding, we recommend you to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”