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Thread Lift (FA)

Thread lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps to improve the structure of your face and neck. This procedure delivers natural & long-lasting effects in a minimally invasive way, thus reducing recovery time significantly. Skin is tightened NOT cut/ incised. The PDO (Polydioxanone) thread is a dissolvable fibre placed under your skin by Dr Kanowitz, who is AADFA qualified. This thread is inserted through the use of a cannula; the area will be anaesthetised so you will experience no discomfort.

Who Should Opt For a Thread Lift?

Thread lift benefits both men and women of various ages; you may be a suitable candidate if you fit the following criteria:

  • Minimal to regular levels of skin sagging (loss of elasticity) due to ageing or weight loss
  • A decreased effect from previous facial treatments
  • Generally healthy and no conflicting medical conditions

Thread is specifically used for improvement in the following areas

  • Drooping eyebrows and cheeks
  • Reduction of the lip line
  • Deep marionette line and nasolabial folds
  • Sagging in the lower face, jawline and neck

Benefits of a Thread Lift

  • Reduced recovery time
  • No heavy sedation required
  • No round the clock assistance required for the next three days. Unlike facelift patient
  • Returning to your normal routine is much easier
  • Low risk
  • No scarring, severe bruising or bleeding
  • Affordable and easier to perform

The Procedure

The procedure of thread lifts involves using temporary sutures to give a subtle yet visible lift to the skin. Instead of surgically removing the loose facial skin, Dr Kanowitz stitches up portions of the loosened skin. This pulls the skin back slightly, which lifts and tightens the face. The thread also combats aging by provoking the healing response of the body to cause large surges of collagen to the treated areas.

For the thread lifting process, a consultation with Dr Kanowitz is required. Your face will be analysed to determine which particular facial areas require a thread lift. Your face will be cleaned and marked. Local anesthesia is administered after which the thread lifting is done.

  • For the thread lifting process, you will have to consult the practitioner.
  • After the initial consultation, your face will be analysed and facial areas that need the thread lift will be determined.
  • The next step your face will be cleaned, and markings on the areas where the lifting is required are done.
  • Local anaesthesia is administered after which the thread lifting is done.

“There is always a risk for any surgical or invasive procedure.  Hence, before proceeding, we recommend you to seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.”

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