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Did You Know Cavities are “Contagious”?

Dental plaque is formed by a combination of food debris, saliva and a large amount of bacteria. This bacteria is known as streptococcus mutans. It can be transmitted by bodily contact with an infected person or object, through food sharing, tooth brushes or kisses. The bacteria dissolve teeth enamel by converting sugar into acids and create holes called cavities. If a cavity is left untreated, it will not only effect what’s left of the decayed tooth, but also has the possibility of harming other teeth. 

The similarity of oral health conditions within a family is not only a result of hereditary basis, or the hygiene habits passed from patients to children, but it’s also due to the bacteria spreading causing by sharing silverware & utensils. Babies can be infected with oral bacteria even before their first tooth grows out, and the bacteria are most likely transmitted from their caretakers.